Transform Your Marketing To Rockstar Status That Delivers The Goods Even When You're Sleeping With One Simple Audit

  • Email series
  • Website
  • Home page
  • Sales page
  • Landing/Sales page
Jenna Rancourt

Financial Consultant

Linda is an amazing marketer. She has helped my business not only with fresh ideas but implementation as well. She is an amazing asset that truly understands the needs and wants of your client and how to be the solution. I highly recommended her services. She is one of a kind!

Linda James Bennett

Innovative Copywriter

What I'll Deliver During Your Conversion-Focused Audit?

Are you confused or overwhelmed, trying to figure out how to get better results? I bet you have a unique program that delivers results... but are you telling your story in a way that makes sense with your ideal clients? All too often, messaging gets muddled, leaving your prospects confused and suspect. They aren't sure if they should take that next step.

I understand.

Online marketing has so many moving parts that it all gets blurry when it's moving at lightning speed. You've got to figure this out. What makes you different with the shiny factor that will give you a competitive advantage.

So let me take a look at what is going on.

As long as we can solve your problems with new solutions, unbiased perspective, and cutting-edge approaches, then we're on the right track. 

An Audit is for:

  • Solid answers on ONE specific area
    • Sales copy
    • Email series (max five emails)
    • Landing page
    • Home page
  • Identifying what makes you special, unique, and desirable... the shiny factor.
  • When you want to stop thrashing around wondering what's wrong.

An Audit Will Fix:

  • The broken offer that isn't converting, although it looks great
  • Why your target audience doesn't respond to your offer when you've told them everything they need to know
  • The unnecessary and confusing language that is working against you
  • The missing elements that your clients are looking for in your copy
  • The often overlooked strategy that all the big-time copywriters include in every piece
  • Why emotional connections are the glue for conversion-focused copy

An Audit is NOT for:

  • the person who doesn't have a budget to fix the problem
  • the person who doesn't value innovation, fresh ideas, or novel solutions
  • the person who already 'knows' what's wrong and wants to be validated
  • the person who is locked into his approach

What's next...


It Starts With A Conversation

Before we hop on the call, I'll send you a questionnaire that will give me the background needed to determine if this is a good fit for us. Yes, this isn't a good fit for everyone.


The Necessary Background + Analysis

On the call, we'll go over the questionnaire. I'll be asking lots of questions.  I dig deep into what you're offering, how your message is presented, what your competition is doing, what your customers are saying, and what is your process. 

I'll find the missing links that make you - well YOU. I give you the story that needs to be told in everything you do. It doesn't matter that you're tired of talking about your "it factor" that made you famous, successful or the go-to person. I'll reframe it in a fresh new way.


What Happens After the Audit?

After the analysis, you'll have the answer to your question... 

  • What is my shiny factor that must be included in everything you do
  • How to transform your marketing with a strategy that will be your secret weapon
  • Marketing that speaks to your audience with words that work like a magic wand
  • A hook that appeals to your target audience that's hiding in plain sight
  • Confidence in your work that's reflected in more growth
  • The most desirable and unique power play that you should include in all your marketing
  • A breakthrough approach to your marketing that is contemporary

I'll give you a strategy for executing your marketing piece that will position you as the ideal choice for your clients. 

People who work with me find an a new angle that they didn't expect.  You'll be the shiny object that attracts all the right attention.

About Me

My super-power is creating novel solutions to tired, dried-out-ideas, or turning an idea on-its-head with a clever approach that adds new life. I'm highly skilled and trained in conversion-focused copywriting that readers find engaging.

My working style is 'drama-free.' My communication style is direct, to-the-point, and persuasive. I enjoy humor and the ability to brainstorm strategies, tactics, and processes.

I'll keep you posted on the status of the project. I'll never ghost you.

What They Said...

My clients have been excited with the results and the value I provided.
I'm known as the go-to person for innovative solutions
in conversion-focused copy.

Gail Doby

Business Coach

I ran into a client who attended one of our events five years ago and didn't invest in our signature program. Her husband picked up our new brochure at one of my recent presentations and brought it to her to read. She said that she "now understood the value of the program" and wished she'd invested in it at that time. That's a perfect example of how powerful good copywriting can convey a message more concisely.

Anita Toth


Linda has a keen eye for the psychology of sales and conversion copywriting. She helped me edit my sales page with clear and actionable recommendations. She was quick to respond to my needs and followed up with a call explaining her insights. Her strategy suggestions were just what I was looking for. I would highly recommend her for your next sales project - copy editing.

When You Aren't Getting The
Results You Want

A marketing audit is the solution you've been looking for.


  • A deep dive into your work product to find the missing or broken pieces.
  • A video and a written report with specific action items for your course correction.
  • Suggestions and recommendations based on proven sales strategies.
  • Conversion copywriting approach using human psychology to decision making for better results.
  • Coaching and consulting for results that provide tangible outcomes.


  • Continue wondering what's not working
  • Wondering why you aren't getting better clients
  • Continue to reach out for free advice, where you can find it
  • Continue pointing the finger at colors, fonts, and buttons as your problems
  • Thinking it's just ok, while you're in analysis paralysis
  • Not getting the hook right that targets your ideal client 


A marketing audit is the fastest and easiest way to identify what's not working and get the recommended fixes.  Fixes to be implemented ASAP to get you back on track.

Conversion copy is what you need when you are trying to generate cash. The reason for bringing in a professional is the same reason you go to a cardiologist (a specialist) instead of a family doctor (generalist) when you're having chest pains. 

I'll identify your shiny factor that makes you unique, different, and desirable.

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