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the power of email and a high-converting website. Forget all the stuff your web designers told you, there is a tried and true method to designing a website that works.
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Here's what I do for you...

Show me what's working with: relationship boosting email campaigns.

With billions of happy customers receiving emails from their favorite brands every day this is the perfect starting point to generate a return on your marketing dollars.

Show me what's working with: website copy and strategy that's converts browsers like crazy.

Let me show you how clear and compelling copy will turn your world around - for the better.

Transform your brochure website to a conversion machine.

I need help quick. I need
1-Day of your time.

Looking for someone who can solve your unique problem with what's working now using Key Performance Indicators (KPI)?
Something that involves great conversion copywriting and innovative ideas AND done in 8 HOURS.


Do You Want To Know How To Leverage Your Marketing Dollars For Maximum Results?

  • Are you wondering how you can increase the lifetime value of your customers?
  • Are you bleeding money trying to build your brand with new customers?
  • Are you looking for a predictable process for building your brand?
  • Are you diving into your reserve funds, waiting for the market to change?

Baking brand loyalty into every sale is the fastest and most predictable way to build your bottom line.

  • Increase customer retention 
  • Reduce churn for more bottom-line revenue. 
  • Improve your onboarding to generate revenue.

Generate more revenue from each customer

I use email strategically to identify what your customers want and help you deliver it.

The result is more sales from customers that love you, come back for more, and bring their friends.


Linda James Bennett

Conversion Copywriter

I'm a lifetime salesperson. I've spent my life selling both services and products - from high tech, insurance, and even as a real estate investor.

I've leveraged my sales career to selling through copy. I love everything about how humans think and react. I've studied direct response copy, story brand copy, conversion copywriting, and even ghostwriting. I have learned from the best. 

I learned how to climb into my customer's life as a trained actor, too. So fun!

I am a word and marketing nerd. I'm always thinking out of the box for the best approach and strategy.

I look forward to finding out what's going on with you!

Trusted by Businesses of All Sizes

Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting
Ann Toth
Tennis Foundation
Anne Rue Interiors
Foliage Wealth Management
Allia​​​​​nce Painting
LAM Technology

What others say...

Founder - Foliage Wealth Management

Linda is an amazing marketer. She has helped my business not only with fresh ideas but implementation as well. She is an amazing asset that truly understands the needs and wants of your client and how to be the solution. I highly recommended her services. She is one of a kind!

Jenna Rancourt
Financial Consultant

CEO ~ Anita Toth

Linda has a keen eye for the psychology of sales and conversion copywriting. She helped me edit my sales page with clear and actionable recommendations. She was quick to respond to my needs and followed up with a call explaining her insights. Her strategy suggestions were just what I was looking for. I would highly recommend her for your next sales project - copy editing.

Anita Toth
Chief Churn Crusher

Founder - Gail Doby Coaching and Consulting

I ran into a client who attended one of our events five years ago and didn't invest in our signature program. Her husband picked up our new brochure at one of my recent presentations and brought it to her to read. She said that she "now understood the value of the program" and wished she'd invested in it at that time. That's a perfect example of how powerful good copywriting can convey a message more concisely.


I'm on a mission

To help brands transform from the grind of searching for new customers every day to building a rock-solid business that drives revenue from customers, aka fans.

The relief you've been looking for and the value your customers want.


Build an Amazing Brand With
Shiny Object Marketing.
Let's build a predictable brand of loyal customers, aka fans

  • Building a rock-solid brand comes from loyal customers. Building relationships  starts when you give your customers more opportunities to do business with you. 
  • What else can you give them to make their life easier? Together I'll create a plan to launch your fan club and build a fence around your best customers.
  • I'll take this off your to-do list. You'll know who your ideal customers are and what they love about you. The start of a winning relationship.

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100% Original Conversion Copy

I will never give you copy that has been scraped or stolen from other sites. I work hard to give my clients the best conversion copy possible. You have many options before you, getting shoddy copywriting shouldn't be one of them. Being a copywriter takes time, so you can expect your project to take the time it deserves.  Even a fast copywriter needs to let their work settle before they ship it out, because what I say matters... to you.

Linda James Bennett


Want to keep up with the latest trends in building predictable client loyalty?

Get the latest in what's working now that anybody can implement quickly. How to stay in front of your customers as a welcomed guest - not an unwelcome pest! Creating fans that love you.

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