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You want more influence, more personal freedom and scale your business and I want that for you too. Follow my step-by-step process or done-for-you service to uncover your unique advantage.

How Can I Help You?

You're looking for direction for - courses, events, webinars, or the meat and potatoes of business... getting more clients?

Do you need better outcomes - results? You need a fresh approach that doesn't sound like blah, blah, blah.

You know every word counts. You can't afford to have a message that throws your audience off your trail. It's so easy to falter.

Yes, you need better results, because you always have to be BETTER than your competition.

And what makes you better is something I know how to spot. Not only spot your super-power but turn it into your shiny factor.

It's the Shiny Object factor that people desire? The shiny object that everybody is always talking about. The reason they love working with you.

The truth is, you'll see amazing results when you tell your story better than your competition.

A great story that attracts just the right clients.

Linda James Bennett

How This Works


Where does it hurt?

Tell me where it hurts. What are you trying to achieve? What have you tried, and what were the results? What is the outcome you're trying to achieve? More revenue? More clients? More influence?

I'll be looking at the health of your project and the steps that you've taken in your process. Before establishing a plan, we have to create a baseline. Have you:

  • Defined your audience
  • Defined a killer offer
  • Organized your assets
  • Primed your list
  • Prepared for conversions
  • Delivering and delighting
  • Testing
  • Measuring success

The Analysis

An audit will determine what it will take to get you the results you want. Not until a thorough investigation is performed can you expect to see optimal results.

My personal commitment to your success is inherent in each careful examination. I look for clarity, messaging, user experience, authority, headlines, so-what factor, and competitive advantages in the marketplace. I'm looking for what makes you BETTER?

I'll take an unbiased approach to your project, your collateral, process, and offer to determine your action plan. I'll highlight your Shiny Factor that you need to talk about all. the. time. Your personalized roadmap to conversion-focused copy.


Delivering for your clients

Now it's time to give your clients the best possible program, course, training, or event possible.

With your plan implemented, your clients will understand and appreciate all you have to offer.

Your clients will watch their businesses grow and thrive under your careful guidance. They will brag about their success and bring their peers to you for you to work your magic on them.

You are now the Shiny Object that everyone is talking about - in a good way.


Leverage Your Marketing Dollars For Maximum Results

  • Are you wondering how you can increase the lifetime value of your customers?
  • Are you bleeding money trying to build your brand with new customers?
  • Are you going crazy watching your competition succeed when you're better?
  • Are you looking for a predictable process for building your brand?
  • Are you diving into your reserve funds, waiting for the market to change?

Hi, I'm Linda James Bennett

 I add value with my ability to generate ideas that surprise people with a new perspective that works. 

I will transform your marketing to get you the results you're looking for with fresh solutions that make sense.

I love to dive into your story, your business, and what makes you special. Let's face it, the marketplace is crowded and we need to find out what makes you the obvious choice.

With your shiny factor squarely in place you'll outshine your competition with your superpowers.

I'm known as the go-to person for innovative solutions with conversion-focused copy.

If you are looking for novel solutions, 
an expert in your field, and 
  a fresh approach to reaching your sales goals, 
if that's so then I'm the copywriter you've
been looking for.

Trusted by Businesses of All Sizes

Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting
Anita Toth
Tennis Foundation
Anne Rue Interiors
Foliage Wealth Management
Alliance Painting
LAM Technology

What others say...

Linda is an amazing marketer. She has helped my business not only with fresh ideas but implementation as well. She is an amazing asset that truly understands the needs and wants of your client and how to be the solution. I highly recommended her services. She is one of a kind!

Jenna Rancourt  //  Foliage Wealth Management

Linda has a keen eye for the psychology of sales and conversion copywriting. She helped me edit my sales page with clear and actionable recommendations. She was quick to respond to my needs and followed up with a call explaining her insights. Her strategy suggestions were just what I was looking for. I would highly recommend her for your next sales project - copy editing.

Anita Toth //  CEO

I ran into a client who attended one of our events five years ago and didn't invest in our signature program. Her husband picked up our new brochure at one of my recent presentations and brought it to her to read. She said that she "now understood the value of the program" and wished she'd invested in it at that time. That's a perfect example of how powerful good copywriting can convey a message more concisely.

Gail Doby Coaching and Consulting  //  Business Coach


Creating Your Shiny Factor
Let's find your secret sauce that makes you BETTER and Shiny.

  • Building a rock-solid brand comes from people who LOVE you.
  • What makes you special is something your competition doesn't have and you've got it in overflowing buckets.
  • You'll have the tribe that no one can touch, because they want to drink from your well.

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100% Original Conversion-Focused Copy

I will never give you copy that has been scraped or stolen from other sites. I work hard to give my clients the best conversion copy possible. You have many options before you, getting shoddy copywriting shouldn't be one of them. Being a copywriter takes time, so you can expect your project to take the time it deserves.  Even a fast copywriter needs to let their work settle before they ship it out, because what I say matters... to you.

Linda James Bennett


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