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About my work...

Naturally, you want to see what I've done. Let me give you some background.

As a life-long face-to-face salesperson, I've faced rejection and failure. My sales career turned around when I learned persuasion selling. The craft of selling with soft skills; using stories, and creating the human connection that we all want.

 I love diving into your ideal client's mind to pull out the nuggets that will make them enroll, buy, or start a conversation with you.

My clients have enjoyed working with a copywriter who has more insights than just writing. We all bring our unique skills to our craft that come from our life experiences.

My background as a mom of a special needs child taught me to empathize and be intuitive with others.  I've learned to anticipate and think ahead as a natural part of my routine. To be strategic as well as tactical.

Reading is one of my favorite past times, along with watching TV dramas. Watching how stories are put together is more than entertainment for me. There are insights into your potential buyers persona in the TV shows that they enjoy. 

When we work together I'll ask you, what do your buyers watch, read, or do for fun.  The information is essential when crafting copy that speaks to their values. Just for fun - ask your clients those questions.

The examples I  provide below are a small portion of my work.

The samples cover:

  • direct response to connect
  • email campaigns to sell
  • landing/sales pages to sell tickets
  • websites to engage
  • long brochures to explain a comprehensive program
  • lead magnets for lead capture

Websites and Sales Pages

High-converting webpages need to take the reader on a journey.

The reader is looking for a solution to their problem, and they have found it... when they landed on your site.

Both the websites and sales page satisfies all the mental checkboxes they need to take action. Know. Like. Trust!

  • Websites and sales pages take careful planning.
  • Understanding your audience and their motivation is essential to converting your visitor to a lead.
  • It's the balance between the right copy and complimentary images that successfully moves your audience to your call to action.

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