Finding Your Big Idea

Having a Big Idea isn’t some marketing catch-phrase; it is real. Without a big idea, you are just a wandering generality as my English teacher would tell me. 

So let’s break it down, because you need one, to stand out from the crowded space like the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

To get started, we need to begin with the end in mind. We need to consider your offer, your solution. 

The solution you say, but I have many. Of course, you do, that’s what makes you great you aren’t a one-trick pony. However, you have to have a gateway for your new clients to walk through unless your business is like Target with thousands of items for sale you need your Big Idea. 

If you haven’t read the article on ‘Finding Your Ideal Client,’ jump over to it to create your client profile. You’re going to need that profile before you can proceed with this exercise. 

With their profile in at your side, answer the following questions in the Big Idea Exercise.

Big Idea Exercise

  • If your client motivated?

 Does your audience have a strong reason to take action when presented with a solution to their problem? If your house is on fire, you’re going to call 911. Is your crowd hungry?

The rule of thumb is always be selling aspirin, not vitamins. People will buy to eliminate pain, but are less motivated to feel better. 

It’s hard to get people to spend money even in the best of times, so look for hungry people. List all of the pain-points that your clients experience, don’t leave anything out. Consider which ones have the most significant impact on their life, career, or family. Circle them.

What is their biggest pain point?

  • Are they searching for a solution?

Within this group, are they actively looking for a solution? Unless you are a household name, like Amazon or Apple, your group may not know you exist. But if they are looking for a solution to their problem now, you have your chance to get on their radar. 

Look for the search terms that they are using to find the answer to their problem. Describe the solution that they are looking for on your list.

  • Are they having a problem finding the right solution?

 This is when you need to do some research. Start by looking for comments or questions that people have around the service that you offer. When I first heard this, my response was – like where would that be? If you’re in social media groups, forums, or chat groups, look at the questions, objections, or complaints that people have. Quora and Reddit are resources, as well as a place for you to comment as well.

Look at book reviews in Amazon, the likes and dislikes are great nuggets. (However, be aware that some authors will load up their reviews with friends who have been encouraged to leave favorable reviews to boost sales.)

Make a list of the comments and complaints that you find in your research. 


Armed with your answers from The Big Idea exercise, you should start to see a gap in the market that you can fill. 

Consider what you are naturally great at; make a list. What is your sweet spot? Are you optimistic, a communicator, intuitive, risk-taker, friendly, powerful self-control, analytical, or great at forecasting? Don’t be shy; make that list long.

On the flip side, what is not your sweet spot. Be honest; you don’t have to be great at everything. Consider the messaging of your favorite brands – what they say about themselves and what they don’t say.

This will help you stand out from your competition when your audience gets a clear signal of what you represent. Walmart is winning as the low-cost leader, while Target succeeds with convenience, happiness, and a fresh look. Both have to compete against the gorilla in the room, Amazon.

They have picked their lane, have a loyal fan base, and are succeeding.

Your Big Idea

You probably see your big idea take shape by now. It sits in the middle of; your gifts, your client profile, and your research. Look at your competition to see what they are providing and what is missing. 

Don’t be overwhelmed with their success, take time to carefully read through their messaging to see – is there meat on the bone, or is it fluff?

With your experience and talents, how can you make their life easier, save them time, or help them earn more? That’s when you become the Shiny Object.

Advanced Conversion Tips

You’ll see a market that you can serve at a higher price point with all of your research. It is widely accepted that a specialist will make more money than a generalist in any field.

Your specialty can target the luxury market or the middle market, but more importantly, consider how you will serve your market. 

Today’s buyer is looking for a specific user experience that will bring them back while creating super-fans.

What elements can you bring to the table that will delight them with an optional premium service plan? (Amazon Prime service provides free 2-day shipping, a premium fee that we gladly pay for speedy service.)

Next, I’ll cover high-converting offers.